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-Since this is our story, we'll call this one:
Chapter Forty Eight:  "...It Wouldn't Be In Springtime!"

Darwin's 2nd Annual "Best Sandwich Ever!" Contest

Last years sandwich contest was such a hit and generated such great ideas and "foodie talk" we knew that it was something we would do again, and have now decided to do every year to celebrate our anniversary.
Starting Tuesday, March 17th we will start accepting ideas via e-mail (
darwinonclinton@yahoo.com), FAX (315-373-0618), or "written down" and submitted over the counter.  The WINNER will be chosen and his/her idea will kick off Darwin's Sixth year with a feature spot on the special "anniversary menu."  Winning earns you a dinner for two at Riley's, A night of "wings & drinks" as Shifty's, a week's worth of free lunches at Darwin, the credit for the creation and a spot in Darwin's history.

Syracuse is full of "foodies" and creative culinary minds.  So, if you have created the world's best sandwich and are now ready to share it with everyone in Syracuse, we want to do it for you.  If you've had the "best sandwich ever" in your travels or in some other part of the country and you can't find it anywhere nearby, we want to fix that problem.  If you have seen this "delicious idea" in a magazine or on a FOOD channel and you haven't see it on our board, we want to know about it!
Three Simple Rules
1. It has to be something that we can make in a large quantity.
2.  It has to hold well.
3. It has to travel well.

It sounds like an easy task, but finding ideas that suit all three of these criteria is a trickier task than it seems.  But, last year we ended up with 86 awesome "viable" entries.  Patrick Johnson's "Optimus Prime" took the top spot, and became a Darwin top bestseller in 2014, and Patrick became somewhat of a legend around these parts  ;)
(Can't wait for this years entry, Pat & Nonni!)

So, I look forward to hearing a lot from you guys over the next two months, and I look forward to gathering those ideas and bringing them to life, in true DARWIN fashion!

Hope to see you all at the counter soon.

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-XoXo D & D

Thanx for being the world's best customers.
Thanx for making me love what I do...


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And, as always... we look forward to seeing you at the counter...

"Bringing classic dishes from around the country right here to the backyard of Syracuse!"

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