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Evolving Menu

 DARWIN is Now OPEN in our New Location
(Clinton Street Entrance)

Darwin Staple
The BIG/EASY Muffaletta (8)
Italian meats & cheese (salami, capicola, mortadella & provolone) layered on DiLauro's traditional sesame loaf with our Italian olive spread.

D's Summertime Lobster Roll ($15)
Real lobster pieces tossed lightly in our celery mayo and piled in a garlic butter-toasted roll with lettuce. 
(This Darwin favorite is back for the season.
Available now thru Labor Day)

The FRENCH Quarter (9.5)
Virginia-baked ham, rare roast beef & a raw NY cheddar stacked on Pasta's stretch loaf and served with a side of "drippings" (a slow roasted pot roast).  Add the meat from the roast to the sandwich and us the leftover Au Jus to dip.

ARTICHOKE Your Chicken (9.5)
Jerk-seasoned chicken breast topped with provolone cheese and served on DiLauro's sesame crusted French bread with Davey's artichoke spread, "frizzled" red onions, fresh baby spinach and a slather of sesame mayo.

Son of a PREACHERMAN (9.5)
The club: remixed!  Our fresh-from-the-oven turkey breast hand-carved and stacked on DiLauro's sesame French bread with  country-fried bacon, parmesan roasted tomatoes, fresh baby spinach, mayo and a dash of our sweet chili sauce.

D's Three Little Pigz (9.5)
Virginia baked ham, seasoned, shredded pork & Applewood bacon topped with a sharp NY cheddar cheese and served on Pasta's stretch loaf with "frizzled" red onions, mayo & Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce.

Ships In the Night (9)
Fresh mozz, marinated Portobello mushrooms, parmesan roasted tomatoes, "frizzled" red onions, fresh basil & baby spinach stacked on Pasta's stretch loaf with a hit of our creamy balsamic dressing.

R. Taylor's MERMAID in MEXICO (9.5)
Sazon-fried cod pieces folded into a jalapeno cheddar wrap with bacon strips, Caeser-tossed romaine, fire-roasted salsa and a dilled sour cream dressing.  
(A winner in last season's BEST SANDWICH EVER contest)

Cup (3) * Bowl (5)

*Tomato Sausage w/ Couscous
*Broccoli Cheddar 
*Salisbury Steak Soup

Queen In a Cottage (7)
Seasoned quinoa, cottage cheese, mandarin oranges, craisins, slivered almonds and our creamy balsamic served over fresh baby spinach.

The Mediterranean (7)
Artichoke Hearts, Roasted red Peppers, Chick Peas, Black Olives & Feta Cheese served over a bed of fresh field greens with a side of our creamy balsamic dressing.
Add On's: Chicken or Turkey (2)
Seafood (3)

Today's SIDES
Buffalo Mac-N-Chz (4)
Cranberry Coleslaw (2)
Blue Cheese Potato Salad (3)
Zesty Dill Ranch Chicken Pasta Salad (3)
Sesame Noodles (3)

*Megan's Orange Cranberry Scones (Limited)
*David's Cookies

day through Friday 11 am to 3 pm
110 West Fayette Street / The CHASE Building
Syracuse, NY 13202
(315) 373-0484

FAX # (315) 373-0618

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