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-Since this is our story, we'll call this one:
Chapter Eighteen:  For Every Season (Turn, Turn, Turn)
The 5th Annual

Hey Darwinians,

It's that time again...  Our 5th annual BEST SANDWICH EVER contest has officially started.  Years ago, when friends of ours, Morgan & Joe Gehm, slipped us a piece of paper over the counter with their idea for a Darwin sandwich, we used that suggestion to create our MOJO RISING (which is one of our most requested and top-selling sandwiches).  Wondering what other amazing ideas our customers had up their sleeves we decided to create the BEST SANDWICH EVER contest.  Five years on we have not only discovered top-selling hits like Patrick Johnson's "Optimus Prime", Matty K's "When Doves Fry", Allison P's "That's My Jam" & other amazing finalists, but the creators of these Favorites have become good friends of the Darwin family, essential parts of our story and each has returned in current contests to help judge for this years winner (always an AMAZING evening).  Now, it's your turn to join this winner's circle.

From here until mid-September we will be accepting ideas for, you got it, THE BEST SAANDWICH EVER.  It can be something you've created, an idea you've been kicking around, something you've tasted in your travels, a classic from another city/state that you wish was available closer or simply "Grandma's famous."  If it's the B.S.E. we want to hear about it.  Always 3 things to keep in mind:

1.  It must travel well.  (Picture being able to eat it in your car.  If you need a fork and knife to finish the job, chances are it won't make the final cut).

2.  It must be able to be mass produced (The WINNER always sells, on average over 100 each day it's available.  Anything super complicated or time consuming won't fit the model).

3.  It must be able to hold up.  (Most times people take their lunches back to their offices.  So things like delicate cheeses or sauces that will "break down" or "crumble" during this process can take a good idea and make it un-usable).

It's as simple as that.   If you're are looking for inspiration, from now until the deadline we will feature past winners on our current menu.  Kicking things off are the original winner (PJ's Optimus Prime)  & inspiration (MoJo Rising).  So get those ideas to us.  E-mail it (darwinonclinton@yahoo.com), write it down and submit it at the counter or hit our FaceBook page and message us.  Each year the contest evolves and the culinary suggestions expand.  I am so looking forward not only to the submissions, but moreso to getting to know the WINNER even better when their idea becomes GOOD FOOD from the GOOD PEOPLE in our story.

As always, looking forward to seeing you (and your amazing ideas) at the counter soon.  D & D (and the Darwin crew).

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-XoXo D & D

Thanx for being the world's best customers.
Thanx for making me love what I do...


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And, as always... we look forward to seeing you at the counter...

"Bringing classic dishes from around the country right here to the backyard of Syracuse!"

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