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About Us

For Daryl, Darwin is a long-time-coming dream come true.  Daryl McGrew is a first time business owner. From bussing tables at the age of twelve, to "slinging food" in order to work his way to a BS in Business from Syracuse University, Daryl continues to pursue his passion for the restaurant business. Through a combination of extensive business experience, valuable academic coursework, and the guidance and support of Terry Riley over the last decade, Daryl is both confident and secure in this new business venture.

You know him.  You love him.  Over the last 30 years Dave Holtman has been the staple for many of Syracuse's most famous restaurants.  Before his 14 years as the humor and soul behind the bar at Riley's & Riley's Upstairs, Dave was the face behind the bar at THE CROWN and O'TOOLE'S.  Always cheerful, Dave spreads laughter and amusement to any and everyone around him.  At Darwin, we believe that if we love and enjoy what we do, you'll be able to taste that in our food.  Dave will be the driving force behind that.  Don't know him yet?  You will, and then you'll see what we mean.

Eddie (Ed Dro) Reome

Donnie (Papa Don) Arnold

Lisa Birch

Jamie Bowers

Jamain Blunt

Valerie L. Brefka

We want to be your premiere Syracuse lunchtime destination, so we welcome your thoughts, criticism and support.  Call us at the shop, e-mail us your thoughts, write a letter (we love them).  As long as you are there for us, we'll be there for you.  Look forward to seeing you at the counter... 

110 W. Fayette Street
Syracuse, NY 13203
(315) 373-0484

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